Why Bread?

Bread ensures that children in Israel
don’t go to sleep hungry… ever!

In just one minute watch the impact YOU can make


Do you know how difficult it is for Benny and thousands of students like him to learn when they are hungry? We need YOU to make a difference!



Our Vision

No Jewish child in Israel goes to sleep hungry…Ever!

Our Mission

We eradicate child hunger in Israel by purchasing and distributing bread in a dignified manner.

Private donors cover our operating costs, so 100% of your donation goes to feed children in Israel.


With no government food programs available in Israel, these loaves are lifesaving.


  • 19%

    of Israeli families that experience some type of food insecurity

  • 13%

    of Israeli families, from time to time, are unable to cover basic food expenses

  • 10%

    of Israeli families have experienced genuine hunger in the past twelve months

  • 30%

    of Israeli families that had to forego food or reduce their consumption due to other pressing bills and expenses on a month-to-month basis

3/10 children in Israel are poverty stricken, without any hope of simple fresh bread.
We are on a mission to change that in a dignified weekly distribution.

$ 1 = 1 LOAF

One loaf changes the
world for a hungry child in